Overview & History

Our Mission

To be the premier professional marketing association of choice that provides networking access in a fun environment and that supports its members with a central source of marketing education on leading edge topics.

The BC Chapter of the American Marketing Association has been this province’s leading marketing source since 1955. As one of the most highly regarded chapters in North America, BCAMA was awarded with the prestigious international “Chapter of the Year” Award in each of the three years spanning 1994-1997, as well as numerous other awards over the last 20 years.

The BCAMA is made up of over 500 members, and has a contact database of over 3,000 BC marketing, advertising, and communications professionals. A non-profit association, BCAMA is made possible by a dedicated team of volunteers including Board Members, Committee Members, and Sponsors.

For over 50 years, BCAMA has contributed to the growth and education of the BC marketing community. The strength of the Association has relied on its dedicated leaders. Our past presidents include:

14/15 Kim Mech
13/14 Sarah Finstad – Programming Special Merit Award
12/13 Steve Kim – Membership Excellence
11/12 Steve Kim
10/11 Darrell Hadden
09/10 Georgia Dahle
08/09 Rosa Marinelli 
07/08  Lori Janson
06/07 Laura McBride – Special Merit 
05/06 Evangeline Englezos – Special Merits 
04/05 Cindy Haapanen 
03/04 Janet Andersen – Best in Class; Special Merits; Finances Overall Excellence 
02/03 Theresa Mackay 
01/02 Maureen Rutherford 
00/01 Tammy Towill 
99/00 Ray LeBlond 
98/99 Vinetta Peek – Special Merits 
97/98 Walt Judas – Signature Chapter 
96/97 Jean Anderson – Chapter of the Year Award 
95/96 Michael Horn – Chapter of the Year Award 
94/95 Tom Haibeck – Chapter of the Year Award 
93/94 Linda Lee – Best in Class 
92/93 Susan Evans – Special Merits 
91/92 Brenda Clark – Signature Chapter 
90/91 Tony Luongo – Signature Chapter 
89/90 Becky MacLeod – Best in Class 
88/89 Ullrich Schade 
87/88 John Burrowes 
86/87 Bruce McKay – Signature Chapter 
85/86 Jan Peskett – Signature Chapter 
84/85 John West 
83/84 Gary Grafton 
82/83 John Bell 
81/82 Robert Bryant 
80/81 Ron Hewlett 
79/80 Lloyd Warnes 
78/79 Grant Crittenden 
77/78 Bob Mackay 
76/77 Doug Loblaw 
75/76 Peter Rosen 
74/75 Randy Vandermark 
73/74 Peter Bradshaw 
72/73 Vern Rumford 
71/72 John Waters 
70/71 Peter Forward 
69/70 Ron Goodman 
68/69 Bob Stewart 
67/68 John Nairn 
66/67 Ray Chadsey 
65/66 Myron Balagno 
64/65 Peter Culos 
63/64 Peter Mussallem 
62/63 Gordon Elliot 
61/62 John Gouge 
59/60 Dave Catton 
58/59 Bob Kincade 
57/58 Stan Oberg 
56/57 Bill Watts 
55/56 Jim Wilson

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