President’s Message

from Kim Breakell Mech

Welcome to the BCAMA.
It’s wonderful to meet you and I’m glad you’ve dropped by to check us out.

As we head into a milestone year for the BCAMA – our 60th! – we’ve been thinking a great deal about what it means to be a marketer in this ever-changing marketing economy. Through rapidly evolving technology, we now have access to so much information about how to market and where to market that it can be mind-boggling to sort through it all. How do we as marketers cut through that ever-present clutter? What do we read? How much do we read? Who is the leading subject matter expert? Who has tried what?

But the biggest question is where does a marketer go to get answers to these questions? That’s part of our job as British Columbia’s marketing association – to help provide answers to those questions. We’ll likely never be able to answer them all, but we will certainly focus on some of the more important ones.

I have the pleasure of being the President in the 59th year of the association and will continue into the 60th year, helping to guide the way for our 61st President, Lindsay Smith and our 62nd President, Diane Chung.

I would like to carry on with five key things that Sarah Finstad, our Immediate Past President, focused on delivering at the BCAMA:

  1. Gather and nurture a forward-thinking, creative and results-focused team of board members who love what they do with the BCAMA
  2. Grow and evolve leading, high-quality educational opportunities – beyond our traditional events – that appeal to all levels of marketers
  3. Foster a close-knit community of marketers who are looking for opportunities to connect with other marketers, and to share their knowledge and best practices
  4. Deliver an operationally thriving association that provides its members and partners with value that extends beyond BCAMA events
  5. Prepare the way for future marketing thought leaders through our programming and volunteer community

This year, we focused on being visionary in what we do every day for our organizations. On being the people who are not afraid to try something different and cut though the clutter to move our organizations forward or to make a difference. And on being passionate in what we do. Sure, it can be daunting at times, but if we don’t try, we’ll never know. That’s what we strive to offer our members. Will marketers get it right all of the time? Likely not, but there’s an opportunity to learn as we go through the experience. And there is still so much to learn about the rapidly changing marketing landscape, not only in Canada, but globally as well.

I joined the BCAMA in 2012 and have had the opportunity to work with an equally passionate Board of Directors, volunteers like myself who have full-time day jobs. My goal was to give back and to share what I have learned, and to learn something new. I’m so glad I made that choice. We hope you’ll join us!

Kim Breakell Mech
President, BCAMA


Kim, the Director of Channel Sales & Marketing for Central 1 Credit Union, is a marketer with experience on both the client side and agency side in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal. Kim works closely with the Central 1 Product Management team to deliver marketing in support of digital banking technology and products, and she works closely with credit unions to support their digital and marketing needs.

The BC Chapter of the American Marketing Association is British Columbia’s leading marketing association. We have the privilege of being part of a North American marketing force that boasts more than 75 chapters and 30,000 members – members who are passionate about marketing in their part of the world, just like all of us here in BC. We get the opportunity to share with members here and around the world, and to expand our community into something remarkable.

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