4 Digital Marketing Trends Retailers Should Expect in 2022

2022 comes with vast opportunities for retailers to strengthen their brand, engage with customers...

March 20, 2024

The turn of a new year brings new opportunities for innovation and for capitalizing on new digital marketing trends. 2022 comes with vast opportunities for retailers to strengthen their brand, engage with customers, and take their businesses to new heights. Here are four digital marketing trends that retailers can leverage for their business.

1. Rise of Intent-Based SEO

Search engine optimization, oftentimes referred to as SEO, is no longer about populating a webpage with specific keyword phrases that will match with consumer search queries. SEO in the new age is about crafting content that fits with user intent. The winning SEO strategy will answer consumer questions by providing meaningful and informative content.

Google has advanced its search algorithm to better match search results based on user intent. For example, when you search for “most difficult hikes in bc”, you will see results that say “hardest hikes in bc” or “most demanding hikes in bc”. Google now understands that these results are related to “most difficult hikes in bc” and that searchers who search for the hardest, most demanding, and most difficult hikes in BC all have the same intent and will display search results accordingly.

Digital marketing trends - Intent based SEO

2. Rise of E-A-T

E-A-T in the SEO world is defined as Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. What do these terms mean in the SEO space? They mean Google will use the E-A-T principle to display more credible websites on search results for more important search queries. For example, if a person searches for medical or health-related information, Google will use the E-A-T principle to display websites that have shown credibility and trustworthiness in this field. Examples would be hospital websites or reputable scientific journals. Google is unlikely to show information that’s written by individuals who aren’t medical or healthcare professionals.

To leverage the E-A-T principle for your own business, make sure to display all your achievements on your website (such as awards or credentials) and earn quality backlinks (such as backlinks from credible news sources) to establish your website’s expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness.

3. Minimalistic Web Design and Architecture

A neutral background colour, minimal webpage design elements, and clear navigation menu make a website simple to use for consumers. One great example of this is Nike.com. The navigation elements on their website are prominent and easy to use.

Digital marketing trends - 3.	Minimalistic Web Design and Architecture

Digital marketing trends - 3.	Minimalistic Web Design and Architecture navigation

All product pages can be navigated to in under three clicks, making for a seamless website and user experience. Search engines value the user experience and will rank websites accordingly. Simple and effective navigation will continue to be a standard for search engine optimization.

4. Rise of Mobile Messaging

Over 56% of global messaging app users say they have messaged brands at all stages of the buying journey to get more information. In 2019, 63% of those polled in a recent Facebook survey said they have been messaging brands more often than in previous years.

With more shoppers using their phones or tablets to search for information, products, or services, it is expected that consumers will want to use mobile messaging services, such as Instagram or Facebook, WhatsApp, or Google Business Profile to gain information and to connect with their favourite brands. For retailers, the rise of mobile messaging means they should have a customer service strategy for this additional platform.

In a changing digital world, it’s crucial to stay on top of digital marketing trends so you can capitalize on upcoming opportunities. Having intent-based SEO, incorporating E-A-T into your website, creating an effective web design, and ensuring a seamless mobile messaging experience are important aspects of a successful digital marketing strategy. The new year brings new opportunities for small businesses, and there’s no better time to start optimizing your online strategy for a profitable digital presence.

Written by Ray Wang