To create a community of BC marketers who make meaningful connections with one another and who grow professionally through thought leadership and and learning.

Creating a Community of BC Marketers

The BC Chapter of the American Marketing Association (BCAMA) is a not-for-profit society registered under the BC Societies Act.  The society is run by a volunteer Board of Directors.

Since 1955, the BCAMA has brought together marketers from all industries and disciplines to connect, learn, and be inspired. The BCAMA hosts events and provides programming for professionals from across all sectors — from tech and CPG to agency and corporate — to help BC marketers advance their careers. With over 350 active members, and ties to a network of over 3,000 BC marketing, advertising, and communications professionals, the BCAMA is an established professional association of like-minded marketers who all aim for a singular pursuit: success.

The BCAMA also connects members to their counterparts in key US markets thanks to an informal alliance between all west coast AMA chapters. Simply put, no other marketing organization offers more ways for marketers to get together and get ahead.

Attend our next event or become a member and see what the BCAMA has to offer.

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Board of Directors

The BCAMA Board of Directors is made up of a group of industry experts who volunteer their time to ensure the association runs smoothly. BCAMA board members bring dedication and expertise to our organization, and we are so grateful for their contributions to our community and culture.

We encourage BCAMA members to support and show their appreciation to the Board throughout the year. Our association is founded on the passion and perseverance of forward-thinking people and we hope our members can continue this tradition into the future.

Carre Le Page
Christian Huot
Aikta Chugh
 Melody Lin
Inder Gill
Rosalind Genge
Tom Willcox
Liesel Unger
John Lo

Past Presidents

The BCAMA Board acknowledges, honours and thanks the marketing leaders in our community – our past presidents – who have helped to guide us to become the thriving professional marketing association that we are today.

21/22 Jacqueline Simpson
20/21 Rebecca McMillan

19/20 Trina Notman

18/19 Christian Westin

17/18 Andrew Sharpe

16/17 Kim Mech – Finance Special Merit Award

15/16 Kim Mech

14/15 Kim Mech

13/14 Sarah Finstad – Programming Special Merit Award

12/13 Steve Kim – Membership Excellence

11/12 Steve Kim

10/11 Darrell Hadden

09/10 Georgia Dahle

08/09 Rosa Marinelli

07/08 Lori Janson

06/07 Laura McBride – Special Merit

05/06 Evangeline Englezos – Special Merits

04/05 Cindy Haapanen

03/04 Janet Andersen – Best in Class; Special Merits; Finances Overall Excellence

02/03 Theresa Mackay

01/02 Maureen Rutherford

00/01 Tammy Towill

99/00 Ray LeBlond

98/99 Vinetta Peek – Special Merits

97/98 Walt Judas – Signature Chapter

96/97 Jean Anderson – Chapter of the Year Award

95/96 Michael Horn – Chapter of the Year Award

94/95 Tom Haibeck – Chapter of the Year Award

93/94 Linda Lee – Best in Class

92/93 Susan Evans – Special Merits

91/92 Brenda Clark – Signature Chapter

90/91 Tony Luongo – Signature Chapter

89/90 Becky MacLeod – Best in Class

88/89 Ullrich Schade

87/88 John Burrowes

86/87 Bruce McKay – Signature Chapter

85/86 Jan Peskett – Signature Chapter

84/85 John West

83/84 Gary Grafton

82/83 John Bell

81/82 Robert Bryant

80/81 Ron Hewlett

79/80 Lloyd Warnes

78/79 Grant Crittenden

77/78 Bob Mackay

76/77 Doug Loblaw

75/76 Peter Rosen

74/75 Randy Vandermark

73/74 Peter Bradshaw

72/73 Vern Rumford

71/72 John Waters

70/71 Peter Forward

69/70 Ron Goodman

68/69 Bob Stewart

67/68 John Nairn

66/67 Ray Chadsey

65/66 Myron Balagno

64/65 Peter Culos

63/64 Peter Mussallem

62/63 Gordon Elliot

61/62 John Gouge

59/60 Dave Catton

58/59 Bob Kincade

57/58 Stan Oberg

56/57 Bill Watts

55/56 Jim Wilson

Annual Sponsors

We would like to thank our Annual Sponsors whose support is critical to helping the BCAMA bring inspiring and educational events to the BC marketing community.

Please consider supporting our Annual Sponsors when you embark upon your next project.

Or, if you’re considering becoming a sponsor of the BCAMA, please contact our sponsorship team.




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