5 Best Digital Marketing Certificates in 2022

They are written proof of eligibility and your commitment to your field of work.

March 20, 2024

In the world digital marketing, certificates and recommendations are still valuable at every turn of your career. They are written proof of eligibility and your commitment to your field of work.

In the following article, we are sharing the 5 best digital marketing certificates that you must have in 2022. Some of these certificates are free and some are paid. But nonetheless, every digital marketing certificate mentioned here is worth the money and the time you spend.

With that in mind, let us begin with the list.

5 Best Digital Marketing Certificates For Your Career

1. Google Ads

Course Type: Free

The first and the most valuable digital marketing certificate is the Google Ads certification. For the average person, Google is just a search engine, whereas for marketers it is an advertisement platform.

The Google Ads Certificate is a professional 1-year certificate that you can earn by passing a google assessment test. Moreover, to clear the test you will need to learn about Google Search Ads, Google Display ads, Google Video ads, Google Ads Measurement, Shopping Ads and the Google Ads App. But don’t worry, even Google understands that learning all this takes time. The good news is you can learn everything from the Google Digital Garage for free. Once you are sure about your Ads skill you can take the test, and earn the certificate for free.

2. Google Analytics

Course Type: Free

Just like the demand for Google Ads is increasing, the ability to measure the success of a website is growing as well. Brands want people who can understand the website data and help them grow by using the right practices.

For this, you will need Google Analytics Certificates. Again this is a free Google certificate that is valid for one year. This is among the best digital marketing certificates to have, especially for beginners, as it helps you understand data and work accordingly.

Moreover, just like the Google Ads course, you can learn Google Analytics for free from Digital Garage by Google and earn the certificate after completing an assessment test.

3. Youtube Certified

Course Type: Free

You may already know that Youtube is the second biggest search engine in the world after Google. And with the growing demand for video content, more and more people are getting attracted to it.

Hence adding a digital marketing certificate by Youtube would just boost your credibility. In the course, you will learn everything about creating a Youtube channel, optimizing it, growing it and also monetizing it with time.

You can be Youtube Certified by going through a Youtube marketing certification course and completing a test at the end. It is a free course so make sure you get this free marketing certification as soon as possible to enhance your digital marketing career.

4. Facebook Blueprint Marketing Certification

Course Type: Paid

The next best digital marketing certificate that you can and must earn as a social media marketing expert is the Facebook Blueprint Marketing Certification. The majority of the brands in the online world are reaching their customers through social media.

With Facebook and Instagram being two of the most used platforms, getting a certificate early in your career that helps you best utilize both is a huge asset in your career development.

Unlike other courses in the list where you earn only 1 or 2 certificates, Facebook has a total of 9 marketing certifications. These are:

  • 100 – 101 Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associate
  • 200 – 101 Facebook Certified Marketing Science Professional
  • 300 – 101 Facebook Certified Creative Strategy Professional
  • 400 – 101 Facebook Certified Media Planning Professional
  • 410 – 101 Facebook Certified Media Buying Professional
  • 500 – 101 Facebook Certified Marketing Developer
  • 510 – 101 Facebook Certified Advanced Marketing Developer
  • 520 – 101 Facebook Certified Advertising API Developer
  • 600 – 101 Facebook Certified Community Manager

All these marketing courses are free to access. The certification exam is a paid exam to earn valuable digital marketing certificates for a bright career.

5. Hootsuite Academy Certification

Course Type: Paid

Hootsuite is a social media management tool used by experts and agencies to manage brand accounts. This digital marketing course by Hootsuite provides a lifetime marketing certification that is accepted all across the industry.

In the Hootsuite Academy, you can choose the course that appeals to you and earn your marketing certification. The courses offered by the Hootsuite Academy are:

  • Social Marketing Certification
  • Social Selling Certification
  • Advanced Social Advertising Training
  • Advance Social Media Strategy
  • Social Media ROI and Value Analysis Certification
  • Foundation of Social Advocacy Certification
  • Social Selling For Financial Services Certification
  • Social For Health Care Certification from Mayo Clinic
  • Hootsuite Platform Certification

While these are paid courses, they are among the best digital marketing certificates that you can opt for to grow your digital marketing career.

How Can You Gain the Knowledge to Conquer These Certifications?

We are lucky enough to boast a few digital marketing programs right here in BC. Jelly Academy offers a 6-week Digital Marketing Program to help you earn marketing certificates from Google, Hootsuite, SEMrush, Facebook and more. While BrainStation offers marketing courses in Digital, Social Media and SEM.