5 Effective Law Firm SEO Tips 2022

Search engine optimization, commonly known as SEO, is a digital marketing approach that helps...

March 20, 2024

Search engine optimization, commonly known as SEO, is a digital marketing approach that helps websites appear higher on search results for specific search terms. For example, a law firm can use SEO to help its elder law lawyers or commercial real estate lawyers’ pages appear higher in search results for keywords such as “real estate lawyers” or “elder law lawyers”.

To help your law firms get started on your SEO, here are five SEO best practices you can use!

1.  Use Google Ads Keywords Planner to find trendy and relevant keywords

The first step to achieving SEO results is finding pertinent keywords related to your service. For example, if your law firm offers legal counseling in areas such as strata law, intellectual property law, and insurance law, your website should optimize for keywords relating to these legal services.

To find relevant keywords, you can use Google Ads Keywords Planner. This keyword research tool lets you find the right keywords for your business by generating a list of search terms that correspond with your keywords. For example, you can enter the keyword phrase “family law lawyers” in Google Ads Keyword Planner and the tool will identify the top search terms related to “family law lawyers”. Examples include:

  • Divorce lawyer vancouver
  • Family lawyer vancouver
  • Collaborative divorce vancouver
  • Family law firms vancouver

2.  Include Relevant Keywords in the Title Tag and Website Content

Once you’ve identified keywords related to your website, company, product, or service, you are ready to optimize their use in your website content. Google reads the text in your website title and body content in order to understand what your website or product or service is about. So you’ll want to take this opportunity to make your keywords very clear. While there’s no specific frequency for the number of times a keyword phrase such as ‘Commercial Real Estate Lawyers’ should be included on a webpage, I would recommend adding the phrase five to ten times on the homepage and as frequently and naturally as possible on the remaining webpages.

3.  Create a landing page for each legal practice

Create a landing page for every practice so your website ranks in search queries related to the practice. For example, if your law firm has  insurance, immigration, and privacy lawyers, create the following landing pages:

  • Insurance lawyers
  • Immigration lawyers
  • Privacy lawyers

Doing this will rank your website for these keyword phrases.

4.  Include relevant text in the page URL

In addition to using text in the title and website content, Google also takes the URL under consideration when ranking a webpage on search results, so you’ll want to make sure your keywords are also in your URL. For example, if a “Commercial Real Estate Lawyers” landing page has the text “commercial-real-estate-lawyers” in the URL, the page will have a greater chance of appearing on search results for related queries.

5.  Include alternative text for each image

Alternative text is an HTML attribute that gives textual information to an image. For example, if you have a picture of a lawyer on your website, you can write “lawyer” as the image’s alternative text.

Google uses alternative text to gain textual understanding of not just an image, but also the page that the image is on. For example, if an image has “lawyers” as its alternative text, Google will understand that the image and the webpage that the image is on are related to lawyers. Google will be more likely to display that webpage in search queries related to lawyers.

Engaging in SEO best practices is an effective digital marketing strategy for improving your search ranking and attracting relevant website traffic. By performing keyword research and including targeted keywords in your page title, body content, URLs, and alternative text, you will increase your website’s chance of ranking higher for pertinent keywords on search results. And a win in the search results is a win for your business.

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Written by Ray Wang.