Top Sites for Marketing Job Hunting

Many jobs are posted to niche job sites and communities because they are fantastic for employers...

March 20, 2024

The new year has arrived and, for most of us, we might be looking to make certain significant changes in our lives. Some changes might be small, while others might be big. Perhaps your changes include losing 10 pounds, perhaps you might plan on broadening your horizons while getting a new job, or even finding your first full-time gig that suits you as a new graduate. If the last two apply to you, because you are in search of the perfect position, you might have driven yourself crazy looking through countless job boards and sites online. But luckily, we’re here to make your search much easier with this convenient list of the best places to look for marketing roles.

There are much larger job boards that offer extremely broad options in terms of potential positions, but they are also quite over-saturated. Therefore, the competition can be intense for each job. So perhaps Indeed and Zip Recruiter simply don’t cut it anymore. Instead, try thinking small- for instance, quite a number of employers these days who want to narrow their potential candidates as quickly as possible actually consider smaller communities where marketers may specifically hang out. Many jobs are posted to niche job sites and communities because they are fantastic for employers who want to target experts in a specific field. Now it’s up to you to take advantage of this to secure the job of your dreams!

1. BCAMA Job Board

A resource specifically dedicated to curating the best jobs for all marketing professionals out there. Listings are uploaded regularly and the Job Board also provides other resources including newsletter alerts when new positions are posted and professional advice in areas such as career advancement, job hunting, and resume building. Need we say more?

2. CrunchBoard

CrunchBoard (TechCrunch’s Job Board) is a great place to start if you are interested in technology and digital marketing. It allows countless marketing candidates who are tech savvy and internet enthusiasts to find jobs specifically oriented towards them.


TalentZoo was created in 1996 specifically for the ease of the advertising industry. Today, it has become a more inclusive job board that is a major spot for professionals interested in the creative, advertising, marketing, design, and digital worlds.


AdRants is a fantastic spot for marketing and advertising news because they specifically repost countless advertising jobs from major advertising and marketing sites. So basically you can stay up to date on many trends in the marketing and advertising industry, besides scoring the job of your dreams.


This site supplies business and digital content from all over the globe. have declared themselves as an extremely reliable and highly targeted recruitment center for the digital industry- so it offers the best digital media and marketing positions to relevant professionals.

6. Facebook Groups

A slightly unorthodox method of job seeking for marketers is joining various marketing based groups and utilizing the community for the latest opportunities specific to your field. It may seem a bit obvious to you but surprisingly, not many people do this. So less competition- there’s a win for you!

7. doesn’t just provide job postings. They are also a splendid spot for news, events, relevant resources, and training courses for job hunters. MediaBistro is a fantastic site to check if you specifically want jobs in social media, journalism, and so on.

8. Mashable Job Board is also an awesome site to refer to for social media, tech oriented news and more. Its job board has proved to be an effective resource for social media experts, programmers, bloggers, designers, and marketers.

Written by Jane Diokpo