Synthia Kloot


Synthia is a proactive, driven business leader who has achieved tremendous success for global organizations in several industries, including technology, logistics, finance, real estate, and, most recently, law. Synthia’s career accomplishments in business strategy and leadership earned her recognition as one of Canada’s Best Executives in 2021 by the Globe and Mail’s Report on Business Magazine. In her current role as Chief Operating Officer at Clark Wilson LLP, Synthia works closely with the executive committee and partnership to optimize organizational processes and deliver on both the firm’s short and long-term strategic plans. She is also responsible for ensuring day-to-day decisions and the firm’s overall direction are aligned with its core values and empowering her reports to fulfill their potential through mentorship sessions. Throughout her career, Synthia has been a passionate champion of EDI. She is an active member of the Vancouver Boards of Trade’s Diversity & Inclusion Leadership Advisory Committee and has achieved the Diversity and Inclusion Certificate from the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion. Synthia was also awarded the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade’s Wendy McDonald Diversity Champion Award for her efforts in this area. Since 2019 Synthia has mentored new immigrants to Canada as part of the Workplace connections mentoring program for MOSAIC.